A cinema coming soon to near you?

THE PROSPECT of a new cinema in Shawlands has provoked an encouraging response from locals.

Following The Extra revealing that entertainment company G1 are consulting the community on the possibility of adding cinema screens to Tusk nightclub, we took to the streets to find out if the plans would be well received.

In an Extra website poll, 88 per cent of those consulted believe a cinema would be just what the community needed, with just 12 per cent happy to travel elsewhere to catch a flick.

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Jennifer Taggart, a 45-year-old nurse, thinks there is very little for children to do in the area.
She said: “It’s only pubs and restaurants — a cinema would at least offer some variety.

“It would perhaps make people think twice about heading into town or Silverburn.”

Voluntary worker Isla Scott (50) added: “Any investment in the area is a good thing. I would also really like to see a swimming pool.”

Elizabeth Murphy, from Croftfoot, said: “There used to be two cinemas so I spent quite a lot of time in Shawlands.

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“Now I only really come in to do a bit of shopping from time to time.”

Betty Boyd, from Crookston, added: “There really isn’t a lot to attract people from outside into Shawlands any more. Something needs to change or it will continue to get worse and worse.”

William Cummings (78) added: “A cinema could be a very good thing. There is very little buzz about Shawlands any more — it is like a ghost town these days.”

However, 44-year-old business owner Sha Akbar, from Whitecraigs, does not believe a cinema in Shawlands would be a good idea.

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He told The Extra: “There is already enough of a problem with parking in the area — a cinema would make things even worse.

“Parking is at the root of Shawlands’ decline. I have lived in the southside all my life and it has been going downhill for too long.

“It is too difficult to park and that deters people from spending time — and spending money.”