A £7 donation is all it will take to help Glasgow homeless

The residents of the Dear Green City, not unknown for their generosity in times of need, are being asked to help buy Christmas dinners for the city’s homeless community in a festive charity appeal.

The Glasgow City Mission, an organisation who provide practical care to homeless and vulnerable adults, and work with disadvantaged pre-school children and their families have launched aChristmas fundraising drive.

It urges people to donate cash to help buy a hot meal for the more than 200 homeless people.

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The charity, which works all year round to provide support, shelter, food and activities for hundreds of homeless people, have asked for a £7 donation which would buy a Christmas meal for one person.

Graham Steven, fundraising manager at the City Mission, said: “Christmas should be a time of celebration but sadly we know that for many of the people we care for at Glasgow City Mission it will be anything but.

“Caught in a desperate cycle of homelessness, addiction, broken relationships and lack of prospects, Christmas is just another day for too many.

To donate, or for further info call 0141 221 2630.

Glasgow City Mission’s lifeline accommodation service reopened on Tuesday (December 1)

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It will stay open until March 31 — an extra month than normal — due to demand.

The Glasgow Winter Night Shelter will provide basic emergency accommodation for those with nowhere to sleep but the street.

This year’s service will relocate to Lodging House Mission’s premises on East Campbell Street, near the city’s famous Barrowland Ballroom.