Alcohol banned on the streets on Lanimer Day

Big day...for this year's Lanimer Queen Jenna BruceBig day...for this year's Lanimer Queen Jenna Bruce
Big day...for this year's Lanimer Queen Jenna Bruce
THERE will be one major difference to Lanark’s historical Lanimer Day this Thursday – drinking in the streets will be illegal.

Lanimer Day has always had an unfortunate reputation for the heavy drinking going on around what organisers have always stressed is a day for children and families and incidents in recent years have led to a drive to stop it.

When local authories were allowed to bring in bylaws banning drinking in public streets, Lanimer Day was exempt, and a move by the Lanimer Committee some years ago to have that overturned failed.

But this year the exemption was abolished.

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Chief Inspector David Walker, of Lanark Police, warned this week that officers would be on duty.

“The build up to Lanimer Day is well underway and we hope that it is a memorable day for everyone involved,” he said.

“We want to make sure that everyone is safe and has an enjoyable time, so please remember that the street drinking bylaw will still be in force, and drinking alcohol on the streets or in a public place is an offence.

“We have been working closely with the Lanimer Committee, South Lanarkshire Council and local publicans to create areas where people can drink safely and still enjoy Lanimer Day. Officers will be present throughout the day to look after the safety of everyone attending.”

The celebrations continue on Thursday.

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From 9am entrants will be assembling at the top of St Leonard Street, taking their places in the pageants which go to make the Lanimer procession one of the best, if not the best, in Scotland.

Seven bands – pipe and silver – will be interspersed among the 22 colourful entries and the various groups of dignitaries taking part in the procession, which sets off at 10am, and the Lanimer Queen’s own procession of her courtiers will follow that.

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