Art that's worth a thousand words.

Stunning works by local artists displayed at the annual show in Kirky's Auld Kirk Museum have won high praise from the judges.

Here is a summary of the show winners, together with the judges’ comments -

Amateur entries:

(First) Jack Lucas Memorial Award

A Russell Angus For his work titled Red Hill, Banffshire

Judges’ comments

“A bold, expressive landscape with lots of character. Gorgeous brush work, great vitality and full of personality which makes the picture so eyecatching. Excellent, skilful use of bold, graphic colours.”

(Second) Jack Lucas Memorial Award - Henry Lang For his work titled Timber Ponds, Port Glasgow.

Judges’ comments - “Nicely observed, expressive work. Lovely atmospheric scene, created with muted colour palette of harmonic greys and greens, which makes for a highly evocative depiction of Port Glasgow.”

(Third)Jack Lucas Memorial Award - Alan Finnie For his work titled Corran

Judges’ comments - “A serene scene with a well-considered compostition. Excellent use of rhythmic, broken lines. Skillful and delicate use of colour.”

Winner of the Anne Stevenson Memorial Award for BestWatercolour -

Marie Barbour For her work titled Langside Nasturtiums

Judges’ comments - “A bold and beautifully executed watercolour. Eye-catching use of economic line and strong pallet of complementary colours.”

East Dunbartonshire Purchase Prize for the Civic Collection:

Ian Brady For his work titled At the end of the Ocean

Judges’ comments - “An unusual, quirky and imaginative image, with a beautifully surreal quality.

Beautiful quality of line and mark making, with careful use of media.

“A maelstrom of suffocating fish anticipating a feeding frenzy of cormorants – an immediate and gripping image.”