Bakery giant answers YMCA's SOS

Bellshill and Mossend YMCABellshill and Mossend YMCA
Bellshill and Mossend YMCA
Bakery giant Warburtons has donated £6,000 to Bellshill and Mossend YMCA to support the SOS (Sharing our Success) Befriending Project.

The cash will fund a community garden project within the Viewpark area, giving those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse a positive activity to focus on.

The YMCA expect at least 10 local families to get involved, helping to prepare the ground, plant seeds and support with the ongoing maintenance.

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The project is designed to encourage team work and develop networks of support for those struggling with everyday challenges.

Allotment owners and local garden centres will be encouraged to share their knowledge and experience.

The firm has a bakery in Bellshill and executive director Brett Warburton said: “As a family business we place a high value on the importance of supporting families whilst also striving to make a meaningful impact within communities close to our operations.

“This is a great example of a programme delivering support to local communities, whilst also developing the skills of those involved. We look forward to hearing how the garden progresses.”

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Bellshill and Mossend YMCA association manager Stephen Henderson added: “It is great to have this valuable support from Warburtons.

“This donation will help get our garden project off the ground, and encourage local people to get involved in a great outdoor activity - boosting their confidence and reducing isolation.”

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