Battle continues for fairer rates

A petition launched to reduce the excessive business rates burden imposed on the Battlefield Rest has gathered more than 1500 signatures in just five days.
Battlefield Rest owner Marco Giannasi.Battlefield Rest owner Marco Giannasi.
Battlefield Rest owner Marco Giannasi.

The iconic South side restaurant was threatened with a 400 per cent rates hike last year.

And while it is business as usual at the Battlefield Rest, owner Marco Giannasi has launched the online petition asking for the business rates to be re-assessed and reduced to a fair and equitable figure.

He said: “This is vital to allow the restaurant to provide and further develop its much-valued, high quality service, while continuing to contribute to the local community and develop a signature tram feature for Battlefield.

“There was a 800 signature petition to the GCC to save the building from getting demolished and 30 years later we have over 1500 signature in just five days again to put some sense to GCC.

“Is this history repeating itself?

“Battlefield Rest deserves to be allowed to keep firmly on the track it has forged successfully over nearly 25 years, both as a high quality Italian restaurant with active environmental awareness, and as restorer and guardian of historic Battlefield Rest, Europe’s most ornate tram shelter.”

Mr Giannasi continued: “This is my 24th year, so there are no major surprises. I am quite stable on business.

“It is still a good-going business, but for how long, because obviously we have this consideration sitting over our shoulders.”

He added: “No matter what, the increase is unacceptable.

“I don’t want to sit and wait to see what the outcome will be – I’m protesting in my own way.”

To support the Battlefield Rest and sign the petition, visit