Bears Way is 'about making our towns and cities for people'

Cyclists gather in George Square. Picture courtesy of Denise Marshall.Cyclists gather in George Square. Picture courtesy of Denise Marshall.
Cyclists gather in George Square. Picture courtesy of Denise Marshall.
An East Dunbartonshire man backed the Bears Way cycle lane project in front of hundreds of fellow cyclists last weekend.

David Brennan was one of the speakers at the ‘Pedal on Parliament’ event held in George Square last Sunday, which he also helped organise along with Lizzie Reather.

Over 1,000 cyclists filled the square, with more than 5,000 turning up to similar events across Scotland to demand better conditions for cyclists.

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The continuation of the Bears Way cycle path was halted last year after a council vote, following the completion of Phase 1 which runs from Burnbrae roundabout to Hillfoot.

The project has proven divisive, with rival petitions launched to both scrap and extend the cycle path.

Dr Brennan said: “It isn’t just about a cycle path - it’s about health; it’s about freedom for children, it’s about air pollution and the environment, and it’s making our towns and cities for people.”

Other speakers included SNP councillor Anna Richardson, Labour councillor Matt Kerr, Scottish Green Party Co-convener Patrick Harvie, Paul McGarry of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Conservative Tony Curtis and independent council candidate Mark Fiddy.

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Transport Minister Humza Yousaf also spoke out in favour of segregated cycle paths such as Bears Way.

He said: “Segregated cyclepaths are crucial for breaking down barriers.

“I promise you, what [Pedal On Parliament] are saying is being heard at the highest level of government”. He then emphasised the importance of cycling amongst children and young people.”

Dad-of-two two John Chivall, who attended the event, said: “I want my children to lead active, healthy lives, but as a family we too often have to resort to using the car for short journeys as Glasgow doesn’t yet have a joined-up network of safe cycle lanes.

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“The South West City Way is a great start, but we urgently need more investment in building high quality protected cycle lanes on all main routes to enable families like mine to choose the healthier and more sustainable option of cycling to school, shops and work.”