Braidwood Loch in line for improvements

BRAIDWOOD Loch is in line for improvements – to make it more desirable to frogs and other amphibians and reptiles.

Common frog pic by James Stead submitted by Froglife charity which will work at Braidwood Loch March 9 2015

Wildlife conservation charity Froglife announced plans for a total of 45 ponds last week, with 33 of them in South Lanarkshire and 12 in the East of England.

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Two projects Froglife manages, South Lanarkshire Living Water and the River Nene Dragon Finder projects, have been given a massive boost by Biffa Award with grants totalling £96,178.

Kathy Wormald, Froglife CEO, said: “There has been a steady decline in ponds and this negatively impacts on our local amphibian and reptile species and other pondlife.Building work across the UK has destroyed habitats.

“Our projects are addressing this issue by helping to create new habitats and to improve existing ones.”