Call for re-think on m-way speed traps

Speeders are being caught in M74 roadworks.Speeders are being caught in M74 roadworks.
Speeders are being caught in M74 roadworks.
Transport chiefs are being urged to do more to prevent thousands of drivers falling into motorway speed traps.

Huge numbers of motorists are being fined for exceeding the 50 miles an hour limit on major routes such as the M74, M73 and M8 in Lanarkshire where long term roadworks are in place.

Now the Institute of Advanced Motorists suggests that conventional warning signs are not enough and Transport Scotland should be thinking outside the box in the interests of public safety.

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It has emerged that almost 6,500 drivers were caught by average speed cameras in Scotland in just five months. As well as the motorway network in Lanarkshire, roads covered include the A90 at the Forth Road Bridge and the A77 in Ayrshire.

The institute’s Neil Greig said transport bosses should learn lessons from a campaign in the north of England which focuses on the safety of roadworkers to get the message across that drivers must slow down.

Mr Greig explained: “That award-winning campaign features a photograph of a young boy with the caption ‘My dad works here. Slow down’.

“Innovative ideas like that are needed to get the message across.

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“Surely it’s more important to get drivers to comply with the speed limit rather than hand out thousands of fines which is happening just now?”

Speed limits have been in place on Lanarkshire’s motorways for more than a year now and with the major upgrading not due to finish until spring next year many more motorists are likely to be fined for speeding.

Mr Greig said Transport Scotland should also consider an advertising campaign to remind drivers about the dangers of speeding.

He added: “You have construction traffic on the motorway and workers moving cones. It’s a dangerous environment and drivers should not be exceeding 50 miles an hour.

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“If you can get drivers to slow down fewer will be fined and the motorway will be safer. It’s a win-win situation.”

Mr Greig said he meets Transport Scotland officials regularly and “will take every chance to give them our message”.

Edmund King, of the AA, said cameras are essential, but added: “You need to question if drivers have been informed properly. The numbers caught speeding are incredibly high.”

Transport Scotland said safety cameras deliver “excellent levels of speed limit compliance”.

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