Calling foul on dirty dogs in Cumbernauld

Schoolchildren as young as five are waging war on the thoughtless dog owners who have ruined two of their spring walks.
Responsible dog ownerResponsible dog owner
Responsible dog owner

P1 pupils at Cumbernauld Primary feel the problem in Cumbernauld Community Park is so widespread that they have put up posters and have sent us several letters expressing their disgust.

The area is one of Cumbernauld’s few ‘green lungs’ but the youngsters now associate the surroundings with behaviour that’s both selfish and unhygienic. There are even incidents where dogs have been allowed to foul the school playground. One letter from little Callum King said: “We saw lots of dog poo everywhere and some of the boys got it onto their shoes. It was a disgrace. We want dog owners to pick up the mess. We’re fed up with it.’’

Class teacher Christine Doran said: “The children love going for walks to explore the local environment but it is becoming very difficult. The problem is not only the obvious mess but the danger to the children from parasites in the faeces which can cause blindness.’’

NLC is cracking down on dog mess and wants people to report it on 01698 403110.