Calls for a crackdown on speeding in Mearns

Demands for drivers to slow down on residential Newton Mearns roads continue after a series of incidents.

Councillor Charlie Gilbert contacted The Extra after concerned residents reported a spate of recent accidents, with one branding the number of speeding cars on Capelrig Road as “intolerable”.

Councillor Gilbert has asked for a site visit with the roads department and police amid concerns for children at nearby Eastwood High.

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He told The Extra: “I have spoken to the police and they are monitoring the road, although the constituent has said the situation requires regular police presence at different times.”

He added that, as well as a request for traffic calming measures from the authorities, “I would ask motorists to watch their speed on Capelrig Road as there are many pupils at that location at school times.”

A spokeswoman for East Renfrewshire Council denied the road was a known blackspot and, responding to claims that volumes of traffic have increased with new new builds at Greenlaw and Patterton station, said: “All these developments received transport assessments to look at any potential impact.”

Councillor Gilbert has previously appealed for a pedestrian crossing at nearby Greenlaw, amid concerns of speeding traffic exiting the motorway.

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Inspector Alan Dickson responded: “We are aware there have been community concerns about speeding on Capelrig and nearby roads, and there seems to be an upturn in complaints about cars coming off the M77 and onto Crookfur Road.

“We do deploy speed detection equipment across the division when we have the opportunity, and we will continue to deploy our resources accordingly.”