Calvin wins Antonine Centre treasure hunt

Young Calvin McLay from Abronhill proved his puzzle-solving abilities by winning the Antonine Centre’s Easter competition this year.

The six-year-old was awarded a giant personalised chocolate egg from Thornton’s manager Ross Corbett.

Clearly delighted with his prize, Calvin said he couldn’t wait to break open the egg, but wouldn’t eat it all at once or it would make him sick!

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Karen Blair, manager of the Antonine Centre, said: “I was delighted with the number of competition entries we received – over 500!

“I don’t think Calvin could believe quite how big the egg was. “

This event was the conclusion of a programme of activities held at the Centre. There was also Easter bonnet decoration followed by a grand parade, and party games.

Bears also featured prominently this year. Visitors could dance with giant teddy bears, adopt a bear with its own birth certificate, enter a ‘bear necessities’ competition and take part in a special Teddy Bears’ Picnic which raised £300 for local charity Watch Us Grow.

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And for anyone wondering if they got the correct answers in the Treasure Hunt, the solution is as follows:

Is this first class feline short sighted? Top Cat Blinds

National money reserves: Bank of Scotland

You can catch an underground train from here: Subway

Do not enter this shop or you might be accused of_____: Trespass

This shop smells gorgeous: Perfume Shop

Which male is up for a haircut? Regis

Can you see your old boy/girlfriend? CEX

Mr Flintstone on his way to gamble: Betfred

Prickly weights: Thornton’s

Are these made for walking? Boots

Straight to the point games/athletics: Sports Direct

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