Church given lifeline of £11k in donations

A giving day at a church facing an uncertain future after revealing it didn't have enough money to make it to the end of the year yielded £10,700.
Rev Bryan KerrRev Bryan Kerr
Rev Bryan Kerr

That windfall for Lanark Greyfriars Church came in envelopes issued to its congregation, and more might yet follow.

“It would appear that God is not finished with Greyfriars yet. He still has work for us to do,” said the Rev Bryan Kerr in a newsletter thanking those who had contributed, but he added that there was still a long way to go.

Donations can be handed in at the church office at any time or made online at

Money is also welcome from non-church members, including families who have had weddings or funerals there or whose children have attended its holiday clubs.

“If you want Greyfriars to stay open and continue with the vital work it does in Lanark, then please consider making a gift,” said Mr Kerr.

“No matter the size, it will be gratefully received and well used.”

And looking ahead, he added: “Whilst this total helps with the immediate funding issue there is still a very real need to increase the regular giving to the church.

“Our plans for 2017 include encouraging all members and friends to look at their regular giving to Greyfriars to help ensure the work of the church is sustained in the long term.”

The church fundraising continues with a pre-Christmas coffee morning on Saturday, November 12.