Jim Murphy MPJim Murphy MP
Jim Murphy MP
If I thought that independence was good for Scotland I would vote for it. But there are too many unanswered questions and risks.

That’s why Scottish Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have come together on this one single issue to campaign for a No vote. Most of Scotland’s trade unions and many businesses are also campaigning to keep Scotland in UK.

We all care passionately about Scotland. All nationalist are patriots but not all patriots are nationalists.

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We don’t have to vote to break up Britain in an ill-conceived project to prove our love for our country.

This isn’t like an election where if your Party loses you know you can change the government at the next election. Independence is permanent. There’s no going back. It comes with no guarantees. If it doesn’t work out the way Mr Salmond says it will we can’t take it back.

Therefore we have to be certain about all the big issues before we vote.

However there is no more clarity now than when the campaign got underway two years ago.

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We just don’t know what the SNP’s Plan B is on the currency for an independent Scotland.

We have no idea how our public services will be funded. There’s no sense of what will happen to pensions if we leave the UK.

We don’t even know the cost of creating an independent State or even the size of an independent Scotland’s armed forces. We don’t know how shipbuilding will survive on the River Clyde. None of that is good enough.

Time and patience is now running out for the Nationalists. They just can’t just keep saying that its all going to be alright on the night.

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Instead of all that risk Scotland can have the best of both worlds - a strong Scottish Parliament within the UK.

We don’t have to vote for independence to have more power here in Scotland. No matter who wins next years UK general election the Scottish Parliament will be given even more powers if we remain part of the UK. That’s a guarantee. By contrast the SNP’s plans come with no certainties.

I know that the SNP want to turn this vote into a referendum about David Cameron. But this is more important than any one individual.

Nor is it a contest between Scotland and England.

If like me you want to change things in Scotland we don’t have to change our passport or nationality - we can change our government.

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We get the chance to change the UK government next year. This is much more important than any election we’ve ever voted in.

That’s why its so crucial that local people vote and get involved. If you want to support or volunteer for the patriotic campaign to keep Scotland in the UK please do get in touch with Josh on 07540017140.