Condorrat duo enjoy Queen’s garden party

It’s not every day in life that you get to have tea with the Queen, but for two Condorrat men, that dream became a reality recently.

Gordon Lyndsay and John Reid, two members of the Condorrat Tenants and Residents Association, were invited to join the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in the capital earlier this month, at the Royal Garden Party in the Palace of Hollyrood House.

The invitation was in recognition for their hard work in their local community.

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Both Gordon and John brought their wives, Maria and Roberta, to the tea party and they all enjoyed a memorable day out.

Gordon said: “Things went very well at the party. The rain stayed off thankfully and the place was really busy. It was full of people.

“There were people who had travelled from all over the country, and a few of them got to speak to the Queen, but we managed to see her quite close up and it was an experience that will stay with us for ever.”

The party saw hundreds of invited guests come together and share lunch and tea in the presence of Her Majesty as a way for the Queen to recognise and pay respect to the local men and women who serve their communities in their daily lives.

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Guests included Fire Service workers, charity workers, and people who have dedicated much of their time to improving the lives of those in the community they live in.

John Reid added: “The whole event was some experience.

“It was great for the rain to stay off as well, I guess the sun shines on the righteous,” he joked.

“It’s very difficult to put into words how I felt on the day, but it was just a totally different experience. We all had an excellent time and it was nice for the work of the Association to be recognised like that.”

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