Confusion over no entry

A concerned driver has hit out at a Cumbernauld town centre supermarket after spotting that the store’s car park has a road sign and markings, which he says are contradictory to each other.

The driver, who did not want to be named, says that Tesco in Cumbernauld town centre is breaching the Highway Code.

The car park has a road to the right as you enter, which currently has a no entry warning sign in place.

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This was installed a few years ago to relive congestion on the busy road, which is close to the supermarket’s car park exit.

The road markings, however, are not painted with two double broken white lines to warn drivers that the area is no entry.

The area instead was recently resurfaced and part of the road marking has not been painted back on.

In fact, one lane just has one broken white line rather than two.

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The driver says this signals a give way and that you can turn into the road.

He is worried that motorists could get confused, and there may be an accident.

He said: “I was nearly in an accident because of this which is why I felt the need to complain to Tesco.

“I wanted to draw other drivers attention to it so it does not happen to them.

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“Tesco car park was resurfaced about three weeks ago and it has been left that way.

“I have complained to the supermarket but they have still not done anything about this.”

A spokesman for the supermarket, said they are dealing with the issue.

The Tesco spokesman added: “‘We’ve recently had some work carried out to improve our car park for customers.

“We’re looking into the road markings as a priority.”

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