COP26: Glasgow teams up with three ‘thriving cities’ to deliver COP26 legacy

Glasgow is set to link up with three other cities across the world to find new ways of securing a greener planet in the wake of COP26.

Glasgow has joined up with Amsterdam, Philadelphia and Portland who are leading the way on tackling climate change (Getty Images)

During the launch of the city council’s thriving cities initiative (TCI) on Thursday, it was confirmed that Glasgow will work with Amsterdam, Philadelphia and Portland who are leading the way on tackling climate change.

It is hoped that together, the local governments can come up with new ways of thinking and take action when it comes to solving global warming.

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The local authority will also work with Glasgow University and members of the community to establish Glasgow as a “thriving place” which takes care of the well-being of its citizens while working towards net zero carbon emissions.

It is hoped Glasgow can deliver its own legacy from COP26 by adopting plans for a greener and more sustainable future.

During the official launch of the TCI, a panel of experts came together to discuss how they were going to meet these targets.

Jaime Toney, director of the centre for sustainable solutions at the University of Glasgow, said: “We are going to be working quite closely with the City [Council] and the links that they have with the community.

“Really what we want to do is have the most inclusive process across the city and bring as many voices to the process as possible. I think that diversity of voices is really important and it means that the conversations that we have will probably be more challenging than if we were just speaking to the usual suspects.

“We are going to hear different debates that come out and we are going to have to solve issues from multiple perspectives. We are learning a lot in this process as well and it’s really phenomenal to be part of this.”

It is hoped that after speaking to Glasgow residents, an action plan on how to reduce carbon emissions and make the city a better place to live will emerge.

An update will be made available in due course.