Council throws out bully claim

Labour councillor Stephen Grant has been cleared of inappropriate behaviour while conducting a recent appeal hearing at Motherwell Civic Centre.

The Kildrum man had been accused by the GMB Union of shouting at a vulnerable employee and refusing to let him go to the toilet.

Council leader Jim McCabe, who conducted the enquiry, said: “Having received a complaint, I had to investigate.

“However, having interviewed politicians from across the political divide, I’m satisfied there’s no case to answer.”

Councillor Grant said: “I’m pleased that the council leader’s investigation has vindicated me.

“I think it speaks volumes that the decision to dismiss the employee was unanimous and that no member of the committee raised concerns.”

The councillor also slammed the employee for approaching the press, by saying the process is confidential.


However, Mr Grant is still facing another external investigation from the Commissioner for Ethical Standards, relating to this episode, which may not be resolved for months.

The alleged victim who intends to pursue a civil action said: “It’s despicable but I’m not surprised at the way it’s been swept under the carpet. They’ve just closed rank.”