Council veteran Bev Gauld stands again for rural Clydesdale

Bev Gauld, standing again for a council seat in  2017Bev Gauld, standing again for a council seat in  2017
Bev Gauld, standing again for a council seat in 2017
Clydesdale East veteran councillor Bev Gauld is to seek re-election at May 4's South Lanarkshire Council poll.

A former Army chaplain and long-time minister at Carnwath Parish Church, the Rev Bev hopes to continue to represent an area he has been a councillor for since 1995.

Launching his re-election campaign, the former SNP and now independent councillor stated he would be standing on his record of service to the large rural ward, which takes in much of the old Upperward of Lanarkshire, stretching all the way from Carstairs to Leadhills.

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He told the Gazette that the advantage of being an independent was “being able to make my constituents my No 1 priority rather than serving a political party.”

He went on: “Among my aims, if re-elected, will be working to deal with local transport issues, particularly the parking and train services at Carstairs Junction Station. I will also work to extend the network of safe cycle routes.

“Other priorities in the new council will be promoting the building of new council houses, affordable starter homes and the proper maintenance of existing council housing stock.

“I will also be seeking government funding for prompt compensation for farmers for loss of stock to marauding dogs.”

He said that he would bring his experience to bear “to work with all parties and groups in the best interests of all the people living and working in the ward”.

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