Councillor's support for credit union

Rhiannon Spear, councillor for Greater Pollok, showed her support for sensible saving at Pollok Credit Union (PCU) during a visit to the head office in Nitshill.

The newly-elected SNP councillor signed up for an account and discussed some of the key issues facing credit unions.

Cllr Spear, said: “Pollok Credit Union does a great job serving our local community as it works directly for them and guarantees access for many who don’t have access to high street finance options.

“At a time when high street banks are closing local branches and taking away services from local users, having a credit union that will promise to keep their branches open is something that every community should be raving about.”

Jim Garrity, operations director at PCU, said: “It was great to meet Cllr Spear to discuss some of the challenges we face and the opportunities we have to provide the highest quality of service to our members and the communities we serve.

“Our branch network plays a crucial role for many people across the city, and we’re grateful to politicians of all parties listening to our concerns and helping us achieve our potential.”

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