Crime campus parking gives residents cause for concern

A year after it first opened, residents are continuing to raise concerns over parking at Scotland’s crime fighting campus.

Only 673 parking spaces were created at the new facility in Gartcosh for over 1000 staff, business vehicles and visitors, meaning that around 200 cars line both sides of the road outside the facility on a daily basis.

Intially the aim was to encourage more environmentally friendly modes of transport.

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Gartcosh Community Council has raised concerns about the parking situation.

Community councillor James Diamond said: “Cars park on the grassy verge, which has now been ruined.

“Other vehicles have real difficulty passing, which is dangerous.”

He added: “It’s put a lot of people off using the park and ride facility at the train station because of safety concerns.

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“Villagers are concerned and don’t understand how there can be one law for Police Scotland and another law for everyone else.”

Community councillor Pauline Campbell has concerns about how the parking problem could impact on potential investment in the area.

She said; “Other companies will be put off locating to the site because of issues regarding parking and access.

“Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been spent on the drainage system by Scottish Enterprise and this has been completely ruined by cars parking on it.”

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Chryston MSP Elaine Smith has taken the matter up with the Scottish Government.

She said: “Whilst I do understand that the Scottish Government wants to reduce the carbon footprint, many of the employees working here have been relocated from elsewhere and it would be extremely difficult for them to reach Gartcosh using public transport.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish Government said: “The Scottish Crime Campus management board are actively looking at the issue of car parking at the Scottish Crime Campus.

“The board continues to work with Scottish Enterprise, the local community council, and Strathclyde Partnership for Transport to generate a solution.

“They will look at all aspects including staff safety and security.”