Could Ian Brady be cremated in Glasgow against the wishes of the city council?

Moors murderer Ian Brady had left instructions that he wanted his body to be cremated and his ashes scattered in Glasgow.

Ian Brady may be cremated in Glasgow. Photo: Handout/PA Wire
Ian Brady may be cremated in Glasgow. Photo: Handout/PA Wire

But Glasgow City Council who run both Daldowie and Linn crematoria said it would reject any request from the killers representatives.

Now, Glasgow Crematorium, a privately owned and operated facility which runs crematoriums in Lambhill and Craigton have said they would consider cremating Brady’s remains, if a request is made to them.

The Glasgow-born murderer who attended Shawlands Academy died last week aged 79, having spent more than five decades in prison, most of them in a secure hospital environment for the murders of five children between 1963 and 1965 in the Manchester area.

Gordon Armour, executive secretary of the Scottish Cremation Society, which operates the crematorium, said: “We would consider this and I have been keeping my board members apprised of the situation in the event we are approached.

“We might not be approached. He might be cremated down south and his ashes might be brought back up to Glasgow.

“I cannot say what my board members would decide on this. I would like to think we would get a consensus.”