Kirkintilloch: Scammer pleads guilty to bank fraud

A man who let fraudsters use his bank account to con an OAP out of almost £9,000 has avoided jail.
Glasgow Sheriff CourtGlasgow Sheriff Court
Glasgow Sheriff Court

Jonathan Miller (27) provided his details to unknown men in August 2016 in Kirkintilloch.

An unknown man called the 78-year-old victim pretending to be HSBC on a call regarding fraud.

The elderly lady was duped into handing her security information.

This allowed scammers take £8,900 from her account which was transferred into Miller's bank.

Police later found that some of the money was converted into foreign currency in order to make a holiday purchase.

Miller pled guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to acquiring and possessing criminal property.

Miller, of Cadder in Glasgow, also admitted two charges of converting criminal property.

The court heard that the senior citizen received a call from a man who said he was "from HSBC."

The man claimed the call was in relation to fraud.

The pensioner handed over her banking and security password.

Prosecutor Brogan Moffat said: “The man was able to reset the telephone banking and access her telephone bankingaccount.

“Miller accessed the lady’s account and transferred £6,000.

"The next day he transferred £2,900.”

Miss King contacted HSBC two days later to reset her security question when she was asked about the recent transfers.

The matter was referred to the action fraud team as well as the police.

Miss Moffat said: “Police checked out the beneficiary account which showed that the account holder was Miller.”

A warrant was granted for Miller’s banking records.

It was found that £8,900 had been transferred from Miss King’s account to his own.

It was also revealed there was a transfer of £1,613 to Thomson Holidays at the time the fraud was carried out.

Miss Moffat added: “This was purchased using foreign currency.

“There were also various withdrawals from two ATMs totalling £3,000.”

Ross Jenkins, defending, told the court that Miss King’s losses were compensated.

The lawyer added: “It would have been distressing for her and he knows that.

“He was approached by the men to be involved in this scheme and gave them his bank account details.

“He allowed his bank account to be used for this purpose.

"He transferred and converted the money into foreign currency."

It was revealed that Miller's previous convictions included a 15-month sentence for assault and attempted robbery.

Sheriff Allan Findlay put Miller on a tag for seven months keeping him indoors between 7pm and 7am.

He told him: "These people cannot operate without people like you and you take the consequences forthat."