Safeguard stables users with better speed limits at Palacerigg says Cumbernauld councillor

Road bosses at North Lanarkshire Council have been asked to provide better signage up at Palacerigg to promote road safety for riders and their horses.

Tannoch Stables
Tannoch Stables

The campaign is being spearheaded by Councillor Paddy Hogg who has fears about the 300-metre stretch of road and pavement at the junction of Tannoch Road, near Tannoch Stables and high speeds clocked up by thoughtless motorists.

The independent councillor, who believes traffic has increased dramatically during lockdown, also wants the council to examine a proposal to reduce speeds to 15 miles per hour in line with the demands of the British Horse Society.

He is also supporting a plan from the stables staff to make a pathway direct into Palacerigg Park straight opposite the junction directly into the park.

This would effectively reduce the time ponies, horses and riders are walking adjacent to the busy main road for safety’s sake.

Councillor Hogg said: “I have written to the Chief Executive asking the council to investigate ways of reducing safety risk to riders, these gentle beautiful animals and to the public, to see if we can slow down vehicles at this key junction to greatly raise awareness of the safety risk

"Horses are easily spooked by fast vehicles. It’s common decency to slow down in the presence of ponies and horses for everyone's safety.

"A new direct path straight opposite the Tannoch road would make a huge difference.

"I am sure the public would roundly support this request to increase safety for all.

A council spokesperson said: “We will carry out an investigation of vehicle speeds and any impact on road safety, to inform any decisions on potential improvements.”

Meanwhile police confirmed that a man was arrested following an incident with a horse and female rider at Brackenhirst Road Glenmavis on Sunday, May 25 around 9.25am

It is alleged that a 23-year-old male motorist struck horse and rider on the route. He was subsequently traced by police having made off from the scene.

He was arrested and charged in connection with various road traffic offences.

The rider sustained serious but not life-threatening injuries but the horse succumbed to its injuries.