School playground is acting as a magnet for hooligans

Police are becoming increasingly concerned about out-of-hours visitors to a school playground as it falls prey to anti-social behaviour by young thugs.


Kilsyth Primary is acting as a magnet for throngs of youngsters and damage has been caused to the premises.

Police were called in after an incident overnight on Wednesday, May 19, where a poly tunnel was damaged. B ut the matter did not end there.

Communities inspector Neil MacLeod added:” This is not the first reported incident of vandalism at this location, and the suggestion appears to be that youths are congregating at this location potentially consuming alcohol.”

The school’s head teacher Louise Duncan added: “We are appalled at the damaged which has been caused around the exterior of the school, particularly to the children’s outdoor learning areas.

"Our young pupils really enjoy spending time in the woodland spaces and trails around the playground and its awful that their fun and enjoyment should be disrupted by mindless vandalism.”

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call police on 101 quoting crime number NC02320521.

Separately, a 27-year-old male has been arrested in the town after allegedly breaking into a parked car at the rear of Main Street early last Wednesday (May 26)

CCTV had picked up on images of the male trying to gain access to vehicles parked in nearby Market Street.

Police then turned up and arrested him.