Warning overdodgy builders

A furious Condorrat pensioner forked out more than £2,000 for six hours of sub-standard building work on her home, and wasn’t even given a receipt.
M rs Margaret McPherson is warning householders to beware of rogue buildeM rs Margaret McPherson is warning householders to beware of rogue builde
M rs Margaret McPherson is warning householders to beware of rogue builde

Now Mrs Margaret McPherson is urging other Cumbernauld and Kilsyth householders to make sure they don’t end up with the same “shambles” – while Trading Standards investigates.

She says her problems began when she agreed to pay an operator called Parkway Roofing, up front and in cash, for work which included plastering a back wall, and painting.

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She had answered an advertisement that carried a Fairtrade logo.

This is normally associated with the campaign to give Third World farmersa fair price for goods such as coffee and has nothing to do with building work, but she thought it looked reputable.

“I now realise they hadn’t a clue what they were doing,” said Mrs McPherson.

“The back wall is a total mess. I wasn’t given any kind of bill or receipt, and didn’t even have the name of the person in charge of the work.”

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A man paid to answer phone lines for Parkway told us he could pass a message on, but refused to supply other basic details.

A website address given for the company does not function.

Later, in response to our call, a man who said he was Joe Wilson ‘phoned us to say the person who had worked on Mrs McPherson’s property was a “sub contractor”.

He explained that Parkway operates around a web of builder’s yards across Central Scotland, and does not have premises, or a business address, and that jobs are sub contracted to other operators.

He said he was going to “put everything right” for Mrs McPherson this week, but she told us: “I’ll believe that when I see it.”

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Trading Standards manager Paul Bannister said her case was being investigated.

He added: “In general, we recommend anyone who needs property repairs or maintenance work carried out at home to contact the Construction Licensing Executive to find reputable, competent traders who meet strict quality standards.

“In addition, consumers should obtain a minimum of three quotes and it is useful to ask family, friends or neighbours for any recommendations.”