Warning about doorstep con artists who can turn nasty when challenged and have stolen garden tools too

Police based in Wishaw want to warn Motherwell and Bellshill residents about a disturbing trend on their own beat which has seen them receive numerous compliants about bogus callers who have sometimes lashed out when challenged.

The con revolves around a wholly unsolicited approach which sees householders approached by fraudsters in the hope that they will pay to have guttering work done.

They are quick to claim payment but are not thought to have carried out any work.

It has also been reported that some of the con-artists have become aggressive when questioned and have even threatened the householder by claiming that they will come back and cause damage to the property in question.

And it has also been reported that tools and other belongings kept in the garden or unlocked sheds have mysteriously gone missing after their visits.

PC Michael Steenson who flagged up the trend fears that the fraudsters are all set to cast their net wider in the New Year -in a crime that often goes unreported, due to the embarrassment or fear factor of its many victims.

He said: “Do not open the door to anyone who attends your home unexpectedly and always check for identification.

"If someone claims to be from a company, please verify this by contacting the company on a trusted number and having them verify the details you have. Do not feel pressured into letting someone into your home or carrying out work for you and ensure that all valuables and belongs are secure.”