Crucial land use guide is finalised for East Dunbartonshire

A programme of actions to deliver a vital plan guiding the future of land use in East Dunbartonshire has been published.

The Local Development Plan (LDP) provides guidance, opportunities and protection.

The council adopted the plan earlier this year following modifications and approval by the Scottish Government.

Now it has published the East Dunbartonshire Local Development Plan LIVE Action and Delivery Programme.

It sets out a detailed set of actions needed to deliver the key infrastructure and developments set out in the LDP.

The programme monitors progress, helps to co-ordinate work with a range of partners and provides indicative timescales.

Thomas Glen, depute chief executive, said: “The LDP was adopted in February and sets out the Council’s long-term land-use strategy.

“The LDP illustrates where and how new development should take place. It also establishes those parts of East Dunbartonshire that should be protected from development.

“The LIVE Action and Delivery Programme is a vital document as we work with partners to implement the LDP, which is crucial to the environment, economy and aspirations of East Dunbartonshire.”

Visit for information on the LDP and delivery programme - including copies to view and/or download.