Cumbernauld head teacher defends ground rules for prom

Cumbernauld Academy’s head teacher has defended a get-tough stance at the school’s upcoming prom against complaints that the arrangements are now far too strict.

We were approached by S6 pupil Hannah Campbell who claimed to be speaking on behalf of a group of pupils.

She claims that new appointee Mark Cairns was wrong to insist that prom-goers turn up at the school at 5.45pm with their parents, where “nibbles” will be served, as she believes this is over-surveillant.

Hannah has also taken exception to the fact that pupils will not be permitted wine with their meal, despite the law allowing this. She also objects to the fact that young license holders will not be allowed to drive to the event.

Hannah also believes that female pupils should be given more time to get ready instead of being obliged to turn up at the school.

However, Mr Cairns said: “We wanted to take the opportunity to invite parents and students of the new school to thank them properly for they outstanding support they have given us in the inaugural year of the new school.

“Meeting up at the school before the prom also allows everyone to travel together and for parents to wave them off en-masse. I have considerable experience of running school proms in both Cumbernauld and Abronhill. Every one has been a special event for those involved and a great success.”