Cumbernauld woman air-lifted home after meningitis battle

A well-known Cumbernauld woman has been fighting for her life after contracting a strain of meningitis while working in Denmark.
Cake decorator Ann Brown's meningitis battleCake decorator Ann Brown's meningitis battle
Cake decorator Ann Brown's meningitis battle

Ann Brown (53) from Allanfauld Road in Seafar is expected to be airlifted back to Scotland this week after being released from hospital in the city of Odense.

Last week, doctors described Ann’s condition her condition as critical but in the last few days have felt able to discharge her.

Fitness fan Ann is well known locally as a cake decorator for upmarket functions and had been creating a sumptuous celebration cake for a society wedding when she became unwell.

Luckily her partner Ian Smith was with her at the time and he was among those able to call for an ambulance. Doctors said she had a strain of the virus which is called Hemolytic Stretacoccus.

Speaking from Denmark Ian said: “I went over just to keep Ann company and I’m glad that I did. We were staying in a summer house provided by the family who are having the wedding and Ann was working in the kitchen when it happened.

“A lot of people have been asking how Ann is. She goes to the Tryst and obviously a lot of people have heard that something is wrong.

Thankfully Ian is able to reassure them that Ann has made a brilliant fightback against the condition which struck her so suddenly.

“It’s typical Ann really. She is doing brilliantly. Obviously she will go straight to hospital here but we are just so pleased at the progress she has made.’’

Ann who is mum to Somerled also acts as a judge in international cake making competitions.

She has been a fixture in the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle over the years thanks to her lavish designs and has also shared her skills as a lecturer at Motherwell College.