Cyclists and motorists debate rules of the road

The new cycle lane in George Street, Edinburgh.The new cycle lane in George Street, Edinburgh.
The new cycle lane in George Street, Edinburgh.
The cycle lane on Ayr Road in Newton Mearns remains a hot topic on social media this week.

Last week’s front page story featured a cyclist who hit out at aggressive drivers hurling abuse at her for using the road instead of the dedicated cycle lane.

Karen Hood, from Clarkston - a member of Glasgow Green Cycle Club — told The Extra: “The A77 is the worst I’ve cycled in Glasgow.

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“It clearly says on the highway code that we don’t have to use the cycle lane — and we can’t, because it’s used by other pedestrians and families cycling, as well as parked cars.

“The council or police should so something to educate drivers.”

Inspector Alan Dickson, of Giffnock station, confirmed that “cyclists are absolutely entitled to use the roads” - echoed by an East Renfrewshire Council spokeswoman.

However, there remained a clear divide between drivers and bike users on Facebook and Twitter.

Pauline Davidson commented that cyclists “terrify” her.

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She said: “I cannot predict what they are going to do next. If I injure a cyclist, it will likely be me who gets into bother.”

Susie Rodgers added: “Cyclists need to remember that all of the Highway Code applies to them, not just the bit that gives them the right to use the roads.”

But Philip Wilson countered: “Why would anyone driving a one ton vehicle with the torque of a racing car be terrified of a person on a bicycle weighing 16kg and neglible power? Like a battleship being terrified of a dinghy.”

Chris McLaughlin offered a solution, commenting: “Until about 10 years ago, Ayr Road used to be a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction. They got rid of one in order to have a cycle lane, which now turns out to be useless.

“If it was put back to the way it was before, slow-moving traffic (like bicycles) could use the left hand lane and faster traffic could overtake on the right. Simples.”

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