Deafblind Scotland appoint contractors for Lenzie '˜Field of Dreams'

Field of Dreams fundraisingField of Dreams fundraising
Field of Dreams fundraising
Deafblind Scotland celebrated the recent deafblind awareness week (June 19-25) by completing negotiations with a contractor to build the new Learning and Development Centre on their '˜Field of Dreams' site in Lenzie.

Clarks of Paisley will be the appointed contractors and HG Consulting the project management company.

Colin Smith of HG is a local man who has been involved for several years with the charity, helping to make this dream a reality.

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Michael Anderson, deafblind chairperson of deafblind Scotland, who has been involved since the beginning seven years ago, said: “It has been a lot of hard work to get to this stage, and it will be just wonderful to see the building in place and deafblind people using it. And how appropriate that the contractor could be appointed at this time during deafblind awareness week!”

During this week a group of deafblind people, guide/communicators and supporters, walked from Deafblind Scotland’s charity shop to the ‘Field of Dreams’ site, to the office in Lenzie, a distance of two miles.

They carried placards advertising ‘Count me in’ a new campaign to raise the final funds needed to make this dream a reality.

The idea is for people to do something they like doing to raise funds for “Field of Dreams”, to take a picture of themselves doing it, a selfie, and Deafblind Scotland will put the pictures on their website.

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A prize will be given in October for the most money raised, and for the best picture taken. So far we have had Nina who walked over 200 km, Joe who donates in a Deafblind Scotland collecting can in his local burger van, every week, Drena doing a car boot sale, and Ellen kindly donating £10. So the field is wide open for people to come up with an interesting idea, and just do it for fun! All the time contributing to the costs of the new centre and the special equipment needed to make it truly work for deafblind people.

If you want some help to come up with an idea on how you can say ‘Count me in’ then please phone Drena at Deafblind Scotland on 0141 777 5848, or email [email protected]