Deer remains found in drugs den

There were growing calls this week for urgent action to clear-up a drink and drugs den after it was revealed people were using it to butcher deer.

The area of High Moss, which is close to a children’s play area near the Asda store, is littered with evidence of solvent abuse, mangled supermarket trollies, shards of broken booze bottles.

And recently walkers were shocked to discover deer parts hanging from a tree.

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A concerned resident, who asked not to be named, said a group who use the area have four or five dogs that chase and corner the deer before killing them inhumanely.

The woman said: “One woman found one that had been beheaded and I saw a deer staggering about with one leg hanging off. Eventually it collapsed and the SSPCA came out to put it down.”

According to the woman there have been reports of people trying to sell venison to butchers.

An undercover Scottish SPCA inspector told the Herald: “We have received intelligence over the past few years relating to the illegal taking and killing of deer in this area.

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“The snaring and coursing of deer causes serious suffering and we would welcome information on these illegal activities.

“Anyone contacting us can be assured that information is received in the strictest confidence.”

The resident also suspects drug deals are taking place in the area and has reported it to the police.

She says aerosol cans are often scattered in the area with youths “walking around like zombies” and the problem is getting worse with the light summer nights.

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She added:“There are a lot of families that walk in this area.

“The people who use it as a drinking den break their bottles and leave the shards of glass pointing up so that people will step on them. It’s quite evil.”

A photographer from the Herald who visited the scene last month was chased away by boozed-up neds.

Evonne Bauer, community protection manager at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “Community wardens have assessed the area and it has been confirmed that the land is privately owned.

“Contact is being made with the owners to try and arrange a clear up as soon as possible.

Local police have urged anyone who sees anything suspicous to get in touch.