Des says “I will” to wedding request

Kirkintilloch husband-to-be Gary Chapman got more than he bargained for when he asked comedian Des Clarke to send a congratulations card for his bride on the big day.

He got in touch with the Capital Scotland breakfast team to tell them his wife Louise is a Des Clarke super fan – and after chatting to them was confident he would send hsi good wishes.

But Des took “audience engagement” with his fans a big step farther by travelling to reception venue Glenbervie House Hotel ... just as Gary was making his speech.

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Newly-wed Louise was, unsurprisingly, left speechless as her favourite radio presenter walked into the room.

Des said: “When Gary got in touch I thought it was a wind up. So I decided I’d turn up in person at the wedding.

“The look on Louise’s face was priceless. It’s the first time I’ve crashed a wedding and I loved it! This could be a new career for me; Scotland’s answer to Gary Barlow?!”

Gary said: “I managed to keep this top secret as I didn’t want Louise or any guests having any inclination there would be a surprise guest just in case it distracted them throughout the day.

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“I knew Des appearing would go down a storm so it even helped alleviate some of my own nerves in the build up to the day!

“Des gave everyone a great laugh with his speech and Louise’s face was a picture. I think I might start to stalk him as well now!”

Louise added: “I just want to know if me and Des are friends now!”

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