Don’t let burglars ruin Christmas

Mobile phones are one of the top items to steal from homesMobile phones are one of the top items to steal from homes
Mobile phones are one of the top items to steal from homes
Don’t give burglars the opportunity to break into your home in the days leading up to Christmas.

New analysis of claims data by Direct Line Home Insurance revealed that were a number of days in December which saw burglaries rise above the yearly average.

And the insurance company warned that as we enter into the festive party season householders should make sure they properly secure their homes whilst they are out and about visiting friends and family.

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Last year the top five days in December for thieves to strike were, in chronological order, 5, 6, 11, 17 and 18.

However, it appears that even burglars take Christmas off with claims rapidly declining on Christmas Eve, 65 per cent below the yearly average, Christmas Day, 56 per cent below, and Boxing Day, 41 per cent below.

Householders are also being warned that burglars have no qualms about exploiting the lingering holiday spirit as four of the top 10 items stolen - tablets, laptops, cameras and audio equipment - all have their highest rate of claims after Christmas.

Bicycles are the most common item stolen over the Christmas period, followed by mobile phones and tablets.

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In 2014, games console thefts peaked in December resulting in an appearance in the top 10 table for the first time.

So anyone thinking of splashing out on an Xbox or PlayStation for Christmas should be wary of placing it in public view, or leaving packaging in the street.

Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line home insurance, said: “With Christmas shopping now in full swing, households should not be complacent about home security.

‘‘Burglary claims can peak during December, which reinforces the importance of taking steps to secure your home.

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‘‘It would be heart breaking to lose presents simply because the house was not properly secured.

‘‘It’s also worth bearing in mind that as people head out to Christmas parties or to seek some winter sun, householders should take simple security measures to deter potential thieves.”

*The Top 10 favoured items are: 1 Bicycles; 2 Mobile phones; 3 Tablets (i.e. iPad); 4 Laptops; 5 Cameras; 6 Power tools; 7 Golf equipment; 8 Audio equipment; 9 Games Consoles; 10 Gardening equipment.