East Dunbartonshire students achieving top class results

Pupils at East Dunbartonshire secondary schools are still very much top of the class.

A report outlining the results attained across the area over the past three years was put before East Dunbartonshire Council’s Education Committee recently.

The findings show that pupils, including those from areas classified as places of high deprivation, continue to 
perform very well.

Results show an increased achievement of 5+ at Level 5 in S4. In S5, there has been improvement of 1+ at Level 6 and there has been sustained achievement of 3+ and 5+ at level 6.

Convener of Education, Councillor Jim Goodall, said: “Once again pupils in East Dunbartonshire secondary schools are among the top performing in the country, an achievement we are all very proud of.

“This report highlights the excellent exam results all young people are attaining, with the vast majority of secondary school pupils across East Dunbartonshire achieving very good SQA qualifications, regardless of their economic and social backgrounds.”

He added: “Year on year, this success has been achieved through rigorous analysis of attainment information by schools and the education service and the provision of ongoing support and sharing of good practice across the authority.

“Education officers, head teachers, teaching and school support staff work together to build and develop good 
practice, sustaining and improving the opportunities for all East Dunbartonshire pupils.

“The contribution by parents, carers and of course pupils themselves cannot be underestimated.”