A lucky escape as tree falls during storm

The tree that crashed into Anne Love's gardenThe tree that crashed into Anne Love's garden
The tree that crashed into Anne Love's garden
A Bellshill woman has spoken of her shock at finding a large tree had come close to crashing into her house during Storm Ophelia.

Anne Love was staggered when leaving her house in Orbiston Drive yesterday (Tuesday) morning to find her path blocked.

As the town was battered by winds of up to 50mph overnight it appears the tree, which was located in her neighbour’s garden, broke towards the base of its trunk and crashed through a fence.

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Anne said: “I was woken up at about 2.30am by a loud crash and I just assumed that part of the fencing out the back had broken.

“Never did I think for a moment that a large tree like that had fallen over towards my house, to be honest it’s probably just as well I didn’t find out until the morning.

“I was worried another gust would send it crashing onto my roof, as its taller than the house, but the council came and trimmed the branches to let me out and my landlord arranged to have to cut down so I’m very relieved.”

A tree also caused the railway network major disruption yesterday after one fell onto the overhead wires at Bellshill.