CALA Homes under fire from residents

Last week The Extra told how CALA Homes had been served with an enforcement notice by East Renfrewshire Council.

Contractor's lorry blocking Fruin Ave pavement near CALA homes Capelrig Rd development
Contractor's lorry blocking Fruin Ave pavement near CALA homes Capelrig Rd development

That story has led to further complaints with residents close to the Capelrig Road development fed up with contractors’ vehicles being parked in the surrounding streets taking up spaces used by home owners.

There was anger over the continual dust sandstorms, ongoing temporary traffic lights and lorries blocking pavement access, leading to complaints being made to the site manager, said Charles Murray, of Fruin Avenue, who has also complained to the council.

Homeowners in nearby Machrie Drive even took to putting out traffic cones and home-made notices to try and keep their road free of contractors - to no avail.

Mr Murray said it’s only a matter of time before an accident happens, and there have been many close calls at the junction of Fruin Avenue and Capelrig Road already.

A spokesperson for the housebuilder said: “CALA Homes (West) takes its relationship with the communities in which it’s working very seriously.

“We have a strict traffic policy in place for construction traffic and staff parking which is being closely monitored on a daily basis by 
our onsite team to minimise any further inconvenience to local residents and the surrounding area as much as possible.


“Whilst we understand construction of any kind brings its challenges, we are committed to doing all we can to build positive links with the local community as we continue to build our development off Capelrig Road.

“We have discussed the issues raised with some local residents on an individual basis and are happy to be contacted directly should anyone wish to discuss matters further.”