Kilsyth pupils fly the flag

Pupils and staff at Kilsyth Primary were celebrating last week when the school was presented with a green flag from Eco-Schools Scotland.

All at the school have worked extremely hard over the past two years to gain the flag which was handed over to them on Thursday.

The Eco Committee, who helped organise the project, have all worked as a team and involved the whole school in order to make sure that the school and outdoor area are kept clean and tidy.

Class teacher and Eco Club teacher Catherine Paterson said: “Every Friday the team ensures there is a ‘Big Litter Pick’ where the Eco club go outside and help tidy the litter.

“Part of their job is then to survey and report back the difference each week.

“They also have a Fruity Friday where the children try and bring in a healthy snack and earn house points for this, as well as bringing in Eco friendly lunch tubs.

“Looking after the school garden has been a great focus this year too, and the children make sure that Monday Watering day takes place each week, where they water the plants and herbs using recycled milk cartons.

“Recycling and reusing materials has been a major focus for our pupils and school to make sure we are helping the environment firstly on a local scale and hopefully impact globally as time progresses.

“This is achieved through outdoor learning tasks such as addition using recycled milk lids and measuring the volume at the water area.

“The classes in the school have also participated in lessons linking Eco and learning for sustainability to their thinking skills.

“They have used Blooms Button questioning in literacy and Thinking Hats to carry this out and to develop more creative thinking.

“Everyone in the Eco Club have worked very hard with the rest of the pupils in the school and also with others in our local community such as the Co-op, Doreen from Tesco, Rotary Club, Kilsyth Historic Group, St Patrick’s Primary and much more to bring together this great whole school achievement.

“We will continue to work hard and keep this going in order to aim for our next Eco Award.”

The pupils and staff would also like to thank everyone who attended their Eco Celebration day at the school where the children were able to present their Eco and Fairtrade work.