Lennoxtown plan: MSP’s concerns over environment

Local MSP Rona Mackay has joined residents in calling for further investigation into the environmental impact and suitability of the proposed Redhills View residential development in Lennoxtown.

She says the four storey apartment blocks will be built bordering a forest, in an area classed as Open Space in East Dunbartonshire Council’s Local Development Plan. Residents have raised fears that the development will have a detrimental impact on the wildlife, particularly given the presence of bats, a protected species.

The private developer, has failed to carry out an ecological survey of the site, said the MSP. The landowner has been issued with a tree felling licence by the council, raising concerns the environmental impact of the project has not been adequately considered.

The MSP and residents seek further clarification on plans submitted, which they claim to be unclear and misleading. There are also fears the aesthetic value of the area will be badly affected by apartment blocks so close to a housing estate.

Ms Mackay said: “Given the huge potential damage this development could do to the local environment and wildlife in Lennoxtown, I ask the developer to provide detailed information about their proposed plans and the measures they will take to ensure the protection of the area and bat population. From what I can see, this development would be entirely detrimental to area and I urge the Council Planning Board to look at the unsuitability of this proposal.”