New Ravenscraig masterplan approved by North Lanarkshire Council

A new masterplan to continue the regeneration of the former steelworks site at Ravenscraig has been approved by North Lanarkshire Council.
Concept art of how the Ravenscraig redevelopment might lookConcept art of how the Ravenscraig redevelopment might look
Concept art of how the Ravenscraig redevelopment might look

Ravenscraig Ltd applied for planning permission to redevelop the 376 hectares of derelict land which is set to include residential areas, education and community facilities, business and employment areas, open space including a town park, hotels, a new town centre with retail, leisure, business and associated transport infrastructure.

A special meeting of the full council was called to consider the application.

The council’s depute leader Councillor Paul Kelly said: “This is the most significant regeneration project in North Lanarkshire and, indeed, Scotland which will see new communities created, with homes and facilities for 12,000 people.

“The masterplan for Ravenscraig will completely transform the area, bringing much needed homes, jobs, leisure facilities, green spaces, shops and business opportunities.

“It also brings construction work and employment for 20 to 30 years ahead as work progresses across the site, bringing major economic benefits to the whole of North Lanarkshire and beyond.”

The masterplan will be supported by the Ravenscraig Infrastructure Access project, funded by the council and Glasgow City Region City Deal, which will see new road infrastructure linking Ravenscraig to the rest of the motorway network, from the M74 at Motherwell, to the M8 at Eurocentral, and the A73 south of Cumbernauld.

Councillor Kelly added: “Approval of the Ravenscraig masterplan is the first step in a unique multi-million pound project which will transform a derelict site and improve the quality of life of thousands of North Lanarkshire residents.

The planning application gives ‘in principle’ approval to the overall masterplan; each individual development within the plan will require detailed planning permission.

Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig councillor Nathan Wilson said: “As one of the local councillors for Ravenscraig, I am delighted that the revised planning permission in principle has been granted and this is a very important step in regenerating the land of the former steelworks.

““I await with interest the further development of the specific proposals outlined in the approved council report and issues such as General Practice provision for the projected 4,500 households on site will also need to be given greater examination in time.”

Ravenscraig Ltd engaged extensively with the community ahead of the masterplan being submitted to the council, and this permission being granted comes just weeks after work started on the new £3.7 million public park next to Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility.

Nick Davies, director of Ravenscraig Ltd, said: “This is a momentous decision that will unlock Ravenscraig’s potential and help to attract more investment into this famous site. There has already been significant regeneration work over the last decade and we’re proud to say Ravenscraig is now a thriving community.

“This represents the beginning of the next phase of regeneration at Ravenscraig. With planning approval now granted, we will move forward with our ambitious plans to further transform the site, ensuring sustainability and inclusive growth are at the heart of our approach. We are committed to working with North Lanarkshire Council and investors to deliver on the promise of Ravenscraig.”