Nightmare on Edenside

Residents of Westerwood’s formerly tranquil Edenside enclave were far from happy when homes firm Barratt gained initial consent for a new estate overlooking their gardens.

But for those most affected by the Burn Brae scheme, the real shock, when the plan went live, was the gigantic mound that appeared on the crest of the hill.

Resident David Wilson said: “It appeared without warning, a massive earthen platform. it was to support a home that would be towering over our back garden”.

He says he has since found that this single home (“which will certainly command magnificent views”) would jut out from the rest of the development in order to accommodate a roundabout.

His near neighbours have their own concerns, but for Mr Wilson it is just one of the more conspicuous examples of how – in his view – the entire planning process has brutally ignored local people.

He says it amounts to a headlong rush to create a lucrative estate that will net Barratt a fortune while adding valuable council tax revenue to the local authority coffers.

He and his wife Lily are so disgusted by the entire process they have resolved to sell up and move – but they also want to warn other householders living close to plum could-be development sites that they could one day find themselves battling to cope with a development laden with nasty surprises.

The council meanwhile denies it has erred, and insists it has adhered to the planning remit in every detail.

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