Over 600 responses received for Abronhill pub survey

Abronhill Community Ventures (ACV) received over 600 responses for its survey seeking views about the requirement for a local social venue.
The Woodcutter in AbronhillThe Woodcutter in Abronhill
The Woodcutter in Abronhill

Volunteers distributed more than 3000 leaflets throughout the area promoting the survey and the organisers will be going through the 612 responses over the next few weeks.

ACV’s Plan A is to retain and restore the Woodcutter pub and have been given until the end of July by Clyde Valley Housing Association (who have planning permission to build on the site) to come to ‘establish any feasibility of alternative uses’.

While the current focus remains very definitely on the Woodcutter site, should a Plan B be needed the possibility of developing another site is also being looked at.

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