Please end this parking hazard

Residents claim workers are putting them in danger by abandoning cars along grass verges on a busy road.
Residents of Saltaire Avenue are concerned about parking.Residents of Saltaire Avenue are concerned about parking.
Residents of Saltaire Avenue are concerned about parking.

They’re demanding action to stop the indiscriminate parking in Uddingston’s Bothwell Park Industrial Estate.

The parked vehicles on Wilkie Road affect the visibility of drivers and pedestrians emerging from Saltaire Avenue on to the main road running through the industrial estate.

What angers residents even more is that workers’ vehicles are also left on Saltaire Avenue, a private road which they have to maintain.

Morag Smith, who lives in Saltaire Avenue, said residents have had a “constant battle” for the last two years with businesses based nearby.

She explained: “The cars are abandoned on the grass verges on Wilkie Road in such a manner that, when coming out of Saltaire Avenue, we have to drive into the middle of the busy road to check for oncoming traffic before we can proceed.

“Parents with children going to school have to walk round the cars on to the road and the verges are so churned up the council can no longer cut the grass.

“Our homes were here long before the businesses grew up around us.

“We understand the progress of businesses and jobs, but there should be consideration for the residents and other road users in the vicinity.”

It’s understood South Lanarkshire Council has plans for parking restrictions on Wilkie Road, but yellow lines won’t be in place until the spring of next year.