We're living on a building site

A Motherwell housing estate has been branded a 'shambles' five years after the first residents moved in.

Childrens play area is next to a townhouse development still under construction in Cook Crescent.

Construction traffic is damaging roads and making the area unsafe for children, it’s claimed.

Cook Crescent and surrounding streets form the first phase of a major development at the former Ravenscraig site.

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One resident who has been in his house for four years said he can’t understand why work on other phases is finished yet this part of the estate is incomplete.

Dumper trucks, delivery lorries and other long vehicles pass his home regularly en route to where townhouses are under construction in the middle of the estate.

The resident, who has young children, said the heavy traffic causes potholes and leaves the streets filthy.

He added: “The roads around the estate’s play area are a shambles. There is no way my children can play in the front garden due to the size and speed of the vehicles going past.

“The roads are left in a terrible state. Phase one has been running on and off for more than five years. Phases two and three are finished and the developers have moved to phase four. I can’t understand why they don’t finish the first phase properly and move on.

“I could accept this sort of disruption for a couple of years, but not four. I get the impression the developers couldn’t care less. They sell the houses and let you get on with it. It’s a lack of respect.”

The resident said the contractors now have nowhere for workers to park as they have “boxed themselves in with the building works” so cars and vans now park on the streets, adding to congestion.

David Scott, managing director of Barratt West Scotland, stressed site safety is “of paramount importance”.

He added: “We’re sorry to hear of these concerns, and we will review all construction activity on site to minimise disruption and ensure there are no risks to existing homeowners. We will also ensure the roads are fully repaired and maintained, until such point as they are adopted by the local authority.

“Due to the scale of this development, construction has lasted several years but we are now in the final phase and thank the residents for their patience.”

Last month the Times told of residents’ anger at construction traffic leaving a mess in nearby Ravenscliff Road.