Equality Cafe welcomes all

Equality is the topic of the day for an East Renfrewshire Disability Action project.

Supported by the council, ERDA is setting up an Equality Cafe in order to engage with the disabled community in a new, more positive way.

Chris Baird, of ERDA, explained: “We are engaging with the local community to develop plans for the future but we are taking a totally different approach.

“Usually when it comes to inequality, people talk a lot about all the problems, and they forget about all the strengths disabled people bring.

“We want to talk to people about all the tremendous strengths disabled people have in the area, and how we can build on these.”

The Equality Cafe is aimed at people living in East Ren who aren’t yet involved in the group’s work, in order to provide the council with feedback on services - or improvements to current services - needed.

The first event takes place from 1pm on Thursday (May 22) at Eastwood House.

Refreshments will be provided, and more information is available by calling 424 3765 or emailing [email protected]