ER Good Causes founder gives back in treble

East Renfrewshire Good Causes has surpassed the £200,000 milestone — more than three times the cost of the operation which saved its founder’s life.

The charity, founded by Newton Mearns man Russell Macmillan, funds odd jobs and good deeds in the East Ren area, as flagged by frontline health and social workers.

For Russell, who received a pancreas and kidney transplant in 2007, it’s a thank you to those around him.

He told The Extra: “I wanted to thank God and honour the memory of the sadly deceased organ donor by using the two organs to live on and love my neighbours.

“We have now raised more than three times the cost of that operation. Can you imagine if everyone was able to follow a similar example, and pay back into the community the fabulous benefits so many of us get from our beloved NHS?”

At last count, East Ren Good Causes has helped 1,279 individuals.

Recent examples include buying a special body suit to allow a wheelchair-dependent 5-year-old to stand for the first time using dad’s feet, and paying taxi costs for a father to make an important hospital date.

But Russell extends his thanks beyond the donations received — £215,175 to date — which he says is just “the tip of the iceberg”.

He explained: “Last year, for example, the community and businesses all came together to transform a garden for a blind boy with learning difficulties. We had quotes totalling £5,500 plus to make the chances, but due to the incredible team effort, we only spent £1,000.

“There are so many cases similar to this where donated food, materials and equipment is given to ERGC, but it does not appear in these figures. The true value of items given out can be as much as 5 to 10 times the goods paid for.”

Russell added: “I believe we all wish to see the needs of our neighbours being taken care of — however with the current austerity agenda, it’s critical for everyone to come together and attempt to fill the inevitable gaps.”

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