Extra Letters (March 21 edition)

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Youth Question Time

FOR the second successive year, Park Church Stewardship group hosted a most successful and informative evening.

Pupils from most East Renfrewshire secondary schools took part in a Question Time debate.

Issues ranging from the referendum on Scotland’s future, alarm on the nuclear weapons issue to the proposed reduction on the voting age limit were all

skilfully articulated by the young folk present.

Even the merits of Flower of Scotland were give an airing.


The panelists, comprising three senior East Ren councillors plus a locally retired chief detective inspector admirably fielded the questions.

As question master for the event I must commend the high standard of contribution made by our local youth.

Allan C Steele


Were Tesco just stringing me along?

I BOUGHT an Indian selection from Tesco on Millbrae Road in December, and was eating one of the samosas when I found a piece of blue string in it — about 6 inches long.


The next day I returned it and got double refund and was told I would hear from Tesco’s head office.

Up until last weekend I had no reply so I phoned them and got one excuse after another — that a complaints form wasn’t filled in etc.

I have been back to the store and the form and product was never sent to head office, who say they never received it.

I have had no apology from Tesco nor the voucher I was promised.

Name and address



(THE Extra asked Tesco for a response, and the southside resident has since been contacted and offered compensation.

A spokesman for the supermarket commented: “We have very high standards of food quality, and we take matters such as this very seriously.

“Unfortunately, on this occasion, our own processes for investigating with the supplier have not been followed, and we will be taking steps to ensure this does not happen again.

“We have been speaking to our customer to apologise and we understand that she is happy with the resolution.”)

You said it...

HERE at The Extra, we think it’s about time for a makeover.


That’s why your weekly local paper is relaunching in the coming weeks — promising new and exciting features, a new-look website and more.

We asked our Facebook and Twitter followers: what changes can we make to suit you?

Social media follower John Doolan would like “a Q&A page from the council covering such topics as road repairs, housing issues, financial affairs, where our money is being allocated, complaints, timescale of projects etc.”

Other suggestions include local charity columns and a further focus on lifestyle — all of which we’re taking on board.

As ever, we welcome input on this issue or any of our stories at our online sites, and you can share your thoughts here or on Facebook or Twitter.