Family claim New Lanark home is rat infested

MOST would think that, even in such a historical setting as New Lanark, rat-infested homes were a thing of the long-distant past. New Lanark New Lanark home New Lanark home

Not so, say the Cuthbertson family of the village’s 3 Long Row who claim that, in the past month, their house has been invaded by the rodents.

Having killed five of the unwelcomed `guests’ themselves, they are now highly critical of what they see as a lack of action of the part of their landlord, New Lanark Homes, in dealing with the problem.

Their landlord has rejected these allegations, stating it has taken all possible steps to address the Cuthbertsons’ complaints.

Living in the restored 19th century terraced house which was once home to the World Heritage Site’s millworkers, are ex-serviceman Jim Cuthbertson and his wife Mary and their two grown-up sons.

A month ago they noticed the first of what they say was a succession of rodents in one room of their home and now say they are “over-run” with them, the infestation having spread to almost every room.

Said Mary: “Our house is over-run with rats and our landlord isn’t helping us at all. We’ve had to get the council’s environmental health department involved.”