Final thrust to show we’re Better Together

Better Together activists have been pounding streets ahead of tomorrow’s vote and encouraging southsiders to say No Thanks.

Campaign director Blair McDougall has accused first minister Alex Salmond of taking “a helicopter victory tour” and added that “Better Together is campaigning through the night for a No vote.

“Better Together campaigners are working tirelessly to spread the message that there will be better, faster, safer change with a No vote for a Stronger Scotland.”

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Southside central councillor Soryia Siddique, pictured with activists and constituents pledging a No vote, told The Extra: “After two years of campaigning, we’ve reached the final day.

People are more confident about their voting pattern, and have been asking for badges, posters and stickers to show it.

“There are still many questions being asked regarding the economics, currency, NHS, jobs and costs of separation.

“I look forward to an industrialised Scotland, strong economy, enabled communities, improved health within the United Kingdom and a strong Scottish Parliament and increasing powers to Scotland and local communities.”